Cruising Club

Introducing Pine Harbour Cruising Club



The Pine Harbour Cruising Club is a family-friendly, inclusive bunch.  We welcome all sailors, racers and cruisers, experienced or learning the ropes, to come and join in the fun.

Membership is just $130 per year with a nomination fee of $40.  If you don't have a boat but would like to crew on someone else's then the Associate / Crew membership might be for you at $50.  We also welcome families at $155.

If you're curious about becoming a member, simply complete an Application Form (above left), or, if you have any questions contact one of the Team (listed bottom right).  No question is too silly.....


Annual Events

We hold several annual land-based events. There’s a Champagne Breakfast to kick off the season, a Progressive Dinner and festive Christmas Dinner in December.

Mostly though, the action happens out on the water.  Like more information? Why not visit


Racing is a big part of the Pine Harbour Cruising Club. We enjoy a high level of competition while keeping it fun and social.

There’s the Twilight Series on Thursday evenings in the summer months (with its post-race BBQ and prize-giving), and the Mount Gay Rum Series every other Sunday in the winter.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a sprinkling of other gatherings at lovely locations around the gulf.

If you would like to join one of our crews for the racing please contact Warren at

Management Team

For management team and contact details please visit