Pine Harbour Marina



At Pine Harbour there are a range of options available to accommodate your vessel. For larger boats however, our wet berth marina is the most practical option.
We can offer you two ways to occupy a marina berth - by ownership or by rental.
For information on purchasing a marina berth please contact Lyall Campbell on 029 592 5522 or email


By purchasing a license you can own your own berth. We usually have a number of berths available for resale, and berth prices are controlled by the market on a supply and demand basis. Owning a berth gives you the right to sell at any time under the terms of the license, which in a strong market can offer the opportunity of capital gain.

On top of the berth prices there are a small number of "Operating Expenses" which we ask you to contribute towards - including security, power and water and maintenance.These are charged quarterly.


Renting is an easy way to introduce yourself to Marina life. Rental rates are charged weekly, and - as with berth ownership prices - the rental rates are market driven on a supply and demand basis.

For more information please contact the office on 09 536 4720 or email

Please note that all berth renters need to provide a copy of their insurance cover when they arrive at the marina.