Everything you could possibly need – from fuel, to cafes, bars and boat maintenance services – it’s all here.

Boatlifter & hardstand

  • Maximum convenience: just call us, we tow your boat from its berth, wash it, place it on a cradle ready for work to begin; ideal for out of town boaties.
  • Operating 7 days a week.
  • Our boatlifter is capable of handling boats from 7m to 28m and up to 50 tonne.
  • Short term rental berths can be arranged for hardstand vessels.
  • Competitive rates – click here for rates.
  • Experienced, friendly staff and access to a full range of boat services, skilled tradesmen and suppliers on site.
  • Fully sealed hardstand area serviced with single and three phase electricity and water.
  • 24 hour security.
  • Showers for clean up after work.

Group Insurance Scheme

Pine Harbour Marina is able to offer a particularly attractive hull insurance scheme. By grouping with three other major marinas, the cover offers extremely competitive premium rates and includes benefits not readily available elsewhere. You will find it hard to beat these premiums.

Benefits include:

  • Low premiums.
  • Third Party Liability cover to a limit of  $3,000,000.
  • The policy provides protection in accordance with the terms of the marina license.
  • Coverage against accidental loss or damage; the only exclusions are those listed in the policy document; if it is not excluded, it is covered!
  • Insurance brokers experienced in all aspects of marine hull insurance are available to discuss your queries.
  • Cruising limits of 200 nautical miles off the New Zealand coast and its offshore islands.
  • Many additional beneficial extensions exclusive to the scheme.

Remember price is still not the most important factor. This scheme offers much more.

Further information is available from the Marina Office where quotations can be arranged.

Additional Services

We can do as much or as little as you require, the choice is up to you. Check out our Marina Directory for details.

Engine Flushing: Our on site tenants Eastern Marine,  Ph: 536 6252; or Ovlov Marine, Ph: 536 5249 will assist.

Battery Charging: We can arrange to have your batteries charged in readiness for your next trip out boating.

Repair Services: A range of services are available on the Marina including engine servicing, anti-fouling, flushing, cleaning and painting boat valet.

Fuel Supplies: Fuel is available at the Marina 24 hours 365 days. Refuel your boat at the fuel jetty by either using an EFTPOS or Credit Card with a 4 digit pin number or by paying cash at the Hardstand or Pine Harbour Marina Administration Office located in Ranger house.